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Sardinia is a region with its own very unique appearance. The mountains that you see might remind you of the Dolomites, while the roads might remind you of Spain. One thing is sure: Saredegna has thousand different faces and they are all different.

The vegetation is composed of grass and stone, oak trees and cork trres, olive groves and palms trees, ponds filled with flamingos, and wildlife such as as wild boars and red deers.

The territory is mostly mountainous and hilly, where they are opened widest goes them greens with all more varied shadings. The few flat areas are encircled by hills. Locked up from enormous cliff blocks, appear longest beaches of white sand.


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The climate is mild. In the coastal areas the winter is lukewarm, yet cold enough in the higher mountains. The Summer is warm and dry. The rains are not sufficient and they are concentrated in the beginning of Spring and the end of Autumn. In the Winter the island is swept by the north-westerly wind that is much worse than the western wind.


The island is connected to Italy thanks to the ferries that work from the ports of Olbia, Torres Port, Cagliari and Sant' Antiocco. The road network is already quite efficient , but with large numbers of tourists and the development of the cities, it is growing.

The railway network is limited to connecting the more developed city centers as the lay of the land makes it difficult to do much more. The more important airports are "Elmas" close to Cagliari, "Fertilia" near Alghero and "Venafiorita" near Olbia.


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