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The territory is essentially mountainous to hilly for one third. The higher slopes lead down to the hills where you find small villages, military stations you and religious buildings.

The hills come down to the coast where there is a small cultivated strip. There are no real plains in the Marches the but there are many large plots of flat ground scattered along the adriatic shoreline.


The Golf clubs in the Marche region!




Cape Conero greatly influences the climate of the coastal zones. In the north of the Conero the rains and the cold northerly winds make the Winters very harsh. In the south instead, protected by the mountains, come the humid warm Southerly winds, making the Winter milder and rainy. The difference between the winter and the summer is notable in the Marche; in fact the Winters are decidedly cold while the Summers are particularly warm .


All the communication routes run along the coast. The railway and road systems connect Ancona with Bologna and Bari. Only one railway line passes through the Appennino connecting Ancona with Florence and Rome. Many of the roads follow the routes of the old roman roads, like the Via Flaminia and the Via Salaria. Ancona is the centre for maritime activies.


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