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Even if it is not a very big region, Friuli Venezia Giulia has some remarkable aspects.

Entering the region from north you find mountains covered with vast forests of fir trees.

Then you meet the well cared for agricultural lands where the crops are blessed by the abundance of water and rivers.

Finally you reach the sea with its calm lagoon waters. In the eastern part of the coast you will find a wide gulf which reaches as far as the high plains of Carso.


The Golf clubs in the Fiuli Venezia Giulia region!




Thanks to the protection of the Alps and the closeness of the sea, the climate in the cultivated part is marine, with not very high temperatures. In the northern part of the region the climate is typically alpine. In the High Plains of Carso there are abundant rainfalls. Those areas of the region which are not protected by the the Alps, suffer the "bora", an icy wind which does, however, bring good weather.


Trieste is the junction for railway communication from Venice to Austria (and the areas of ex-Yugoslavia), passing through Udine and Tarvisio. The road and motorway network connects all the region with the Po Valley, Austria and former Yugoslavia. The smaller towns are well connected by road and railway. The airport of the Region is Ronchi dei Legionari (Gorizia).


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