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Campania is one of the areas of most flourishing vegetation in Italy, helped by the almost permanently mild climate and the beautiful landscapes.

The sea plays a very important role in the appearance of Campania. Along the coast you can find numerous inlets, wide sweeping gulfs, steep cliffs, peninsulas and some quiet bays. The islands off the coast contrast with the rocks and with the remarkable colours of nature.

The other appearance of Campania is created by the mountainous areas made up of dry and barren peaks. Here both cultivations and communications are often rendered almost impossible by the winter snowfalls


The Golf clubs in the Campania region!


The climate in the coastal areas, the plains and the islands is prevalently mild. Even in the mountains, despite the plentiful winter snowfalls, the climate is also quite mild.


In Campania the city of Naples is the main node for communications both by road and by railway. The two most modern railway lines connect Naples to Rome and then to the north of Italy, while two other less developed lines connect Naples with Bari and Reggio Calabria. Many secondary lines connect the smaller and more remote towns.

The largest motorway is the A1 "Autostrada del Sole" which comes from Rome, then continues to Naples, Salerno before finally arriving inl Reggio Calabria. Anther motorway crosses the Appennine Mountains and connects Campania with Apulia. In most cases the modern roads follow the old roman roads, like the Via Domiziana and the Via Appia.



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