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Calabria is mainly mountainous or hilly. Two main valleys divide the Calabrian peninsula into three rich mountainous groups of green woods, pastures and spring waters.

The shape of the land isolates the urban centers where the population is found. Calabria has no ports on the coast.

Thanks to the influence of the sea the climate of this area is mainly Mediterranean, while inland, in the mountainous areas, the climate is more rigid with plentiful rainfalls.


The Golf clubs in the Calabria region!

The area is crossed by two railway lines: one runs along all of the Tirrenic coast connecting Reggio Calabria to Naples, while the other comes from Taranto running along the Ionica side.

An internal road network connects the more remote towns to the main centers. The last leg of the A1 motorway "Autostrada del Sole" finishes in Reggio Calabria, passing through Villa San Giovanni.

Calabria is linked to Sicily by the Straits of Messina which are crossed by fleets of ferries. For years the government has been talking of building a bridge from Calabria to Siciliy but so far work has not started on this ambitious project.


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