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Most of Basilicata is mountainous and hilly, cut by spacious and sinuous valleys which lead down to the short coastal plain area.

The mountainous area is dry and without vegetation.

In the countryside there are very few isolated houses. The cities are built very far from each other, often on hill-tops.

Althought the region borders onto two seas, there are no major ports, just as there are no major cities.



The Golf clubs in the Basilicata region!


We do not have any information on Golf Clubs in Basilicata.



Even if the region is washed by two different seas the climate is typically continental. Furthermore the region is warmed by by hot southern winds which dry up the already limited moisture.


The region has three railway lines: two near the coast, while a third crosses the inlands connecting Taranto-Metaponto-Power-Naples. Matera is the only main town in Italy where there is no railway line. The only motorway which slightly touches the territory is the A1, the "Autostrada del Sole". A few roads built in the last few years connect some of the major towns, breaking the isolation.



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