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The Abruzzo region is in the centre of Italy and is made up of mountains and hills that roll down into the coastal plain in the East. Only 50 km separates the sea from the mountains.

In the Abruzzo you will find the highest peaks of the Apennines, (the Gran Sasso - 9,560 feet), deep canyons and valleys, national and regional parks, wide sandy beaches, and an astonishing wealth of artistic and natural beauty. Mountain villages and castles appear, as if out of nowhere, in the middle of woods and fields.

In the Abruzzo National Park you can see brown bears, wolves and chamois, and eagles, hawks and buzzards on the highest peaks.


The Golf clubs in the Abruzzo region!


The influence of the sea is felt along the Abruzzo coast making the weather mild and mediterranean. The inland part of the region has a more continental climate with cold Winters and very hot Summers. Rain and snow falls in abundance in the period from Winter to Spring. Summer is characterised by a constant dryness.


The communication network connects the Abruzzo with all the Italian regions. Both the railways and the roads follow the coast and connect the south of Italy with the north. Other routes run inland from the coast towards the Appennine Mountains, thus connecting the region with the West of Italy.


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